The gastronomy of Mexico is characterized by its great variety of dishes and recipes, as well as by the complexity of its elaboration. It is renowned for its distinctive and sophisticated flavors with great seasoning.

Here you will find the recipes made by the best national chefs and tasted by our travelers on their gastronomic adventure.





Photo: Flickr - Gildardo Sánchez
The moment you set foot on its cobblestone streets, you know you’ve arrived at a special place. Joyful people, charming architecture, and delicious food you will find throughout Tepoztlán, a Magic Town guarded by the magnificent Tepozteco hill. Located less than two hours from Mexico City, Tepoztlán is one of the favorite weekend destinations for chilangos (how we call in a very casual way to Mexico City’s inhabitants). Its atmosphere is utterly charming, with deliciousRead More
Foto: Wikimedia Commons
Life is made of unforgettable moments: those instants in which you feel an enormous satisfaction, either because of something that makes you happy or for something that is pleasantly surprising you. Witnessing the natural spectacle of bioluminescence at the Firefly Sanctuary in Tlaxcala is one of those unforgettable moments in life. An instant that is kept forever in the memory and the heart, because the natural spectacles have a charm that no action made byRead More
Discover the most impressive Magical Towns in Mexico with Taste and Travel Did you know that Mexico has wonderful villages that, thanks to their physiognomy, tradition, gastronomy, crafts and culture, among other qualities, are considered as Magical?   Since 2001, Mexico´s Magical Town Program was developed by the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with states and municipal governments, in order to show, restore and preserve Mexican destinations, with specifics architectural and natural attributes, as wellRead More

Taste & Travel in Chicago

Posted by Sabrina on 11 June, 2018
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Taste & Travel in Chicago - Gourmet México and Latinicity Recently, Chicago was calificated as the "Restaurant City of the Year" by Apetite Magazine, and Mexican cuisine is a fundamental part of this appointment. That is why Taste & Travel Mexico and Chicago Latinicity presented Gourmet Mexico, on June 2nd and 3rd, a celebration with the best chefs from Mexico, for the benefit of the “Viva En Forma Organization” and a “Great Food Repository”.  Read More

Murals: wall-to-wall “messaging”

Posted by Sabrina on 11 September, 2017
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Murals: wall-to-wall “messaging” We live in times of walls: through our daily and informal postings on social media, we regularly send or receive messages that affect our lives using a virtual wall. And so did painters of the Mexican Muralist Movement in the 1920´s through the 1950´s. However, even when we can compare those times to our days, media communication was not as prolific and fast as it is today. Yet art was, is and willRead More